Phone Number in France +33644627857

Region: FR flag-CA
Added: 9 months ago

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From Received Message
38XXX 2 days ago - Le code 094115 vous permet de signer votre contrat.
AILFXXX 3 days ago Dear Member, 3555 FR Pts credited to your FR A/c 312213711 for flying LHR AMD on 2022-11-14. For more info please visit or Contact Call
AILFXXX 3 days ago centre 1860 233 1407. -Air India
iXXX 3 days ago Dear member, Profile changes are made to your FR A/c 3711 on 28/09/2023. Please contact call centre on 1860 233 1407 if not made/authorized by you. -Air India
AILFXXX 3 days ago m. -Air India
AILFXXX 3 days ago Your New FR A/c 312213711 is created. Now book directly on our app/web and get upto 1999 bonus points. For more details, please log in at
msverXXX 3 days ago Use verification code 493939 for Flying Returns authentication.
33630795XXX 3 days ago <#> [LiveMe] You're logging in. Verification code: "8402". Don't share this code with anyone. If you didn't request it, please ignore fRP/XbuvbY9
33630795XXX 3 days ago [LiveMe ] "7302" is your confirmation code
GooXXX 3 days ago G-644915 is your Google verification code.